Cowboy Bebop: Songs From The Cosmic Sofa

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A1 – The Seatbelts–Net Rush
A2 – The Seatbelts–Odd Ones
A3 – The Seatbelts–The Egg And You
A4 – The Seatbelts–Woodcock
A5 – The Seatbelts–Twilight
A6 – Mai Yamane–The Real Folk Blues 2022
A7 – The Seatbelts–Pot City
B1 – The Seatbelts–Kickin’ Colt
B2 – The Seatbelts–Bye Mel
B3 – Emily Bindiger–Adieu
B4 – The Seatbelts–Gateway
B5 – The Seatbelts–Beans Be
B6 – The Seatbelts–Farewell Blues

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