Castle In The Sky

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A1 – Flaptors Attack (Prologue)
A2 – The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Main Theme)
A3 – The Levitation Crystal
A4 – Morning In The Mining Village
A5 – Pazu’s Fanfare
A6 – The Legend Of Laputa
A7 – A Street Brawl
A8 – The Chase
A9 – Floating With The Crystal
A10 – Memories Of Gondoa
B1 – Stones Glowing In The Darkness
B2 – Disheartened Pazu
B3 – Robot Soldiers (Resurrection-Rescue)
B4 – Dola And The Pirates
B5 – Confessions In The Moonlight
B6 – The Dragon’s Nest
C1 – The Lost Paradise
C2 – The Forgotten Robot Soldier
C3 – The Invasion Of Goliath
C4 – Pazu Fights Back
C5 – The Final Showdown
C6 – The Destruction Of Laputa (Choral Version)
C7 – The Eternal Tree Of Life

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