Downfall – The Early Years

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1992 Promo Demo
A1 – Heartbeat Amplifier
A2 – Her Last Flight
A3 – On A Wave
A4 – The Illusionist
B1 – Passage To Desire
B2 – Of Pavilions And Fountains

Unreleased 7″ Ep 1991
B3 – In Sickness And Health
B4 – Gaya’s Dream
B5 – Always…

An Imaginary Symphony Demo I
C1 – Second Sunrise
C2 – Six Dead, Three To Go
C3 – Downfall
C4 – Another Day
C5 – Share The Wisdom

Moonlight Archer Demo II
D1 – Subzero
D2 – Anthology In Black
D3 – Second Sunrise
D4 – Downfall
E1 – In Sickness And Health

Previously Unreleased Celtic Frost Cover
E2 – Dethroned Emperor

Live 19-10-91 The Netherlands, Bodegraven, The Zon
E3 – Anthology In Black (Live)
E4 – Downfall (Live)
E5 – Subzero (Live)

Live 22-02-92 The Netherlands, Deventer, Burgerweeshuis
F1 – Second Sunrise (Live)

Live 30-01-93 The Netherlands, Utrecht, Ekko
F2 – Gaya’s Dream (Live)
F3 – Stonegarden (Live)

Live 08-04-93 Israel, Tel Aviv, Pinguin Club
F4 – Heartbeat Amplifier (Live)

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